What is Wi-Fi 6E technology, what will be its benefits, know here


Wi-Fi 6 technology has become quite common these days and many mid range devices are working on this connectivity technology. However, some tech companies have started using Wi-Fi 6E, an upgraded version of Wi-Fi 6, on their high-end smartphones and laptops. Similarly, it is being claimed in many media reports that Wi-Fi 6e will be supported in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 series. In such a situation, if the question is arising in your mind, what is Wi-Fi 6E and what are its benefits, then you will get the answer in this news of ours.

What is Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6e is an extension designed for Wi-Fi 6, so that users will get high speed internet through this platform. The Wi-Fi 6e supported device supports 14 additional 80 MHz channels and 7 additional 160 MHz channels. It also simplifies wide spectrum network design.

Benefits of Wi-Fi 6E

Talking about the benefits of Wi-Fi 6E, with the advent of this technology, users will get better Wi-Fi connectivity. Users will be able to choose between 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz bands according to their choice. With this, users will get high speed internet even in high connection areas and Wi-Fi will work better. In terms of specifications, both the 5GHz and 6GHz offer the same high speed of 9.6GHz, but the chances of achieving that speed are slim. However, if you are getting lesser speeds with a common router, chances are that all devices with support for Wi-Fi 6E will get the same internet speed.

Indian users will have to wait

Let us know that Indian users will have to wait for Wi-Fi 6E technology. Wi-Fi 6e supported devices are not available in the Indian market. It is expected that Wi-Fi 6e technology will be rolled out in India in the coming year and devices supporting this technology will also be launched in the market soon.